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You Got Me Chords

Well this is not only the first song I've submitted, but it's the first song I wrote.
So if your searching for some famous song...your in the wrong place, cause no...this
song has never been on a radio, let alone been recorded on a CD! But you can fool around
with it...have fun! :)

Am G  C  F
Oh Oh Oh Oh [X4]


Am      G       C
Boy You Got Me Breezy
Am        G       F
Rapped Up In This Cacoon
Am       G     C
So Much For Me Livin
        Am       G          F
Cause I Can't Do It Without You
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D          G
You Got Me Tied Up
D       G    C         D
So Satisfied With Your Love
D             C           G            C
You've Got Me Wrapped Up, Brain Shook, Heart Took
C    G      D
It's Broken Now
C         D                   G
Thanks To Yoooooooooooou Oooh You [X2]
G         D
Thanks To You

It's harder than you think! I'll post the rest of this later! Tell me how bad it is
at or chat with me at XoBallerChikaXo 

I'll Finish It Later...Byyyye! :)