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Tabbed By: Karan Goyal

This is easily one of my favourite Calling songs and it has some really nice chords.
So when i saw that this song was missing from the list i was like..WHAAAT??...n e it is...ive played this song in the standard tuning even though its not in
key with the song but trust me it sounds amazing...ENJOY!

Plz listen to the song properly before trying these chords out. Thank You. 

Tuning: EADGBe(Standard)
Chords Used: 

E      [022100]
Asus2  [x02200]
C#m    [x46650]
B      [x24400]

    E       B       Asus2
So here we are all alone

        E              B            Asus2
As the wine makes you mine for the night.......(till the chorus)

[ Tab from: ]
C#m   B    Asus2           E
We'll go surrender to the night

   C#m   B   Asus2        E
We wont look back at our lives...

And when u sleep.........

Ill be there.....
To kiss your lips.....
To breathe your air....

Right or wrong, 
it must go on

After this night 
       B            E
we'll leave it all behind....

Repeat the 1st verse chords for the second verse as well

And repeat chorus chords again...

The chords remain the same throughout and the order remains the same as well. If you
know the song really well, ull easily figure out the rest.
If u think the song could do with a few changes just email me at
Thanx a lot.