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Banana Republics Chords

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This song is off the "Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes"
(Note to guitarists:  I was sick of trying to figure out the chords
     to the 4th line of the chorus.  I finally had a suggestion
     from a friend, so I put his best guess there.)

Banana Republics
By Steve Goodman\Jim Rothermel\Steve Burgh
(As performed by Jimmy Buffett)
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/b/buffett_jimmy/banana_republics_crd.html ]
 G                           Am         
Down to the Banana Republics, down to the tropical sun,
      D                       G
go the expatriated Americans, hopin' to find some fun.
 G                               Am
Some of them go for the sailing, caught by the lure of the sea.
D                              G
Tryin' to find what is ailing, livin' in the land of the free.
 G                                    Am
Some of them are running from lovers, leaving no foreward address.
Some of them are running tons of ganja, 
some are running from the I.R.S.

     Late at night you will find them, 
     in the cheap hotels and bars,
     C                 G     C         G        D         G     
     hustling the senioritas while they dance beneath the stars.
         Dm                             Eb |x68886|         D    
     Spending those renegade pesos on a bottle of rum and a lime,
      C                              G
     singin' give me some words I can dance to, 
     C     G     D7      G
     or a mel - ody that rhymes.

First you learn the native customs, 
soon a word of spanish or two.
You know that you cannot trust them, 
'cause they know they can't trust you.
Expatriated Americans, feelin' so all alone, 
telling themselves the same lies 
that they told themselves back home.

(solo) -play - G  Am D  G  - Dm   Am C  G C G

Down to the Banana Republics, things aren't as warm as they seem,
none of the natives are buying any second-hand American dreams.
(repeat chorus)

Down to the Banana Republics, down to the tropical sun;
go the expatriated Americans hopin' to find some fun.
(repeat chords and fade) 

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