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Better Days Chords

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Subject: Springsteen - Better Days

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Better Days

Well my soul checked out missin' as I sat listenin'
To the hours and minutes tickin' away.
E                                 c#-minor
Yeah, just sittin around waitin' for my life to begin
While it was all just slippin' away
f#-minor                        A
Well I'm tired of waitin' for tomorrow to come
For the train to come rollin' 'round the bend
E                                        c#-minor
I got a new suit of clothes and a pretty red rose
A women I can call my friend
f#-minor              A
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These are Better Days, baby
A                E
Yeah, there's Better Days shinin' through
E                                 A
These are Better Days, baby
A                E
Better Days with a girl like you
       f#-minor    A         E

Well I took a piss at fortune's sweet kiss
It's like eatin' cavier in the dirt
E                              c#-minor
It's a sad funny ending when you find yourself pretending
To be a rich man in a poor man's shirt
f#-minor                         A
Now my ass was draggin from a passin' gypsy wagon
Your heart like a diamond shown
E                         c#-minor
Tryin' to lay it in your arms, count the lucky charms
Get out of these hard luck bones

These are Better Days, baby
A                E
Yeah, there's Better Days shinin' through
E                                 A
These are Better Days, baby
A                E
Better Days are shining through
       A        B       E

     :   A    c#-minor   f#-minor A    E

Now a life of leisure, and a pirate's treasure
Don't make much for tragedy.
E                        c#-minor
It's a sad man, my friend, whose livin' in his own skin,
And can't stand the company.
f#-minor                 A
Every fools got a reason to feel sorry for himself
And turning his heart to stone
E                        c#-minor
Drag this fool half way to heaven, just a mile on to hell
And I feel like I'm comin' home!
f#-minor                   A

CHORUS 2      etc...

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Lyrics transcribed by:
     Roger Carasso
Chords (and minor lyric changes) transcribed by:
     Suzy Shaw