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                        Rock My World - Brooks & Dunn

Verse1: E
        She's got a t-top camaro with a scoop on the hood

        and two big speakers blastin' Johnny B. Goode
        lookin' so sweet it oughta be a crime
        she plays with my heart and messes with my mind
        acts like Madonna but she listens to Merle
        Rock my world, little country girl
        (4 bars)
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        She wears snakeskin boots made by Calvin Klein
        cheap sunglasses from the 5 & dime
        all the other girls at school they give her dirty looks
        she got an "A" in math and never cracked the books
        sure looks good in her denim & pearls
        Rock my world, little country girl

Chorus: A
        Rock my world, drag me out on the floor
        dance with me 'til I can't dance any more
        one step, two step get it in line
        I gotta find a way to make you mine
        (4 bars)

        SOLO - over chorus

Verse3: I tell that I love her but it ain't enough
        She says I got to learn to loosen up
        Get a little wild on Saturday night
        make sure she's home before the morning light
        on Sunday she's all ribbons and curls
        Rock my world, little country girl


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