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Take It Easy Love Nothing Tab

First with your hands, then with your mouth.
A downpour of sweat, damp cotton clouds.
       G                 F                  C
I was a fool, you were my friend. we made it happen

You took off your clothes, left on the light.
You stood there so brave, you use to be shy.
        G         F
Each feature improved, each movement refined,
and eyes like a show room.

    G        F        C
now they're spreading out the blankets on the beach.
    G       F   Am G   F
that weather man's a liar, he said it'd be raining.
G      C
but it's clear and blue as far as i can see.

Left by the lamp, right next to the bed.
on a cartoon cat pad, she scrached with a pen.
"Everything is as its always been, this never happened.
Don't take it too bad, it's nothing you did.
Just once something dies, you can't make it live.
You're a beautiful boy, you're a sweet little kid,
but I am a women".
So I layed back down, wrapped my self up in the sheet.
And I must have looked like a ghost, because something frightened me.
And since then I've been so good at vanishing.
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Now I do as I please, and I lie through my teeth.
Someone might get hurt, but it wont be me.
She'll probably feel cheap, but I'll just feel free,
And a little bit empty.
No, it isn't so hard, to get close to me.
There'll be no arguements, we will always agree.
And I'll try and be kind, when I ask you to leave.
We'll both take it easy.

If you stay to long, inside my memory.
I will trap you in a song tied to a melody.
And I'll keep you there so you can't bother me.


E -----------------------------|-8--------------------------------|
B 10-8--------------10-8-------|----------------------------------|
G -----10-9-----9--------10-9--|---7-----9------------------------|
D -----------------------------|---------------10---------------9-|
A -----------------------------|----------------------------------|
E -----------------------------|----------------------------------|

E -------8---------------------|----------------------------------|
B ------------------------8----|----------------------------------|
G -----------------------------|----------------------------------|
D 10-------------9-10----------|10---7-----9----------------------|
A -----------------------------|-------------10-------------------|
E -----------------------------|----------------------------------|

Repeat except for last bar, which becomes

E -----------------------------|
B -----------------------------|
G -----------------------------|
D 7---5------------------------|
A -----------------------------|
E -----------------------------|