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Something Vague Chords

This is only the chords for this song
There is a hammer deal going on
But i am too lazy to figure it out
If you can figure it out send it to

Verse 1:
F         C
Now and again
        G              Am 
It seems worse than it is
         F       C
But mostly the view
Is accurate
               F           C
You see your breath in the air
          G             Am
As you climb up the stairs
           F        C
To the coffin you call
Your apartment
        Am          Em
As you sink in the chair
            C             G
Brush the snow from your hair
         C      G 
And dream the cold
           Am          Em
And you're not really sure
              C         G
What you're doing this for
But you need something
     G             C
To fill up the days
   Am        G
A few more hours
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Verse 2:
Played same as the first

There's a dream in my brain
And it won't go away
It's been there since it came
A frew nights ago
And I'm standing on a bridge
In the town where I lived
As a kid with my mom
And my brothers
And then the bridge disappears
And i'm standing on air
With nothing holding me
And i hang like a star
Fucking glowing in the dark
FOr all the starving eyes to see
Like the ones we've wished on

Now instead of the bridge play this:
C            G
Now I'm confused
          Am          Em
Is this death really you
C           G
Do these dreams have any 
                     C           G
Na na, I think it's more like a ghost
               Am         Em
That's been following us both
C            G          Am
Something vague that were not seeing
C              Am                G     C   Em
Something more like a feeling

Figured out by Myles
Written by Bright Eyes
Live long C.O.