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First Day Of My Life Chords

This is the Version from "Im Wide Awake its Morning"  All the notes are just up one.
But here it is because its easier to play while looking at it
(Tabbed by Tyler Fluharty, email me at if u have anything
to say)

D             F#            Bm
This is the first day of my life
G             A                  D
Swear I was born right in the doorway
D                  F#                            Bm
I went out in the rain, suddenly everything changed.. they're spreading
E7                A
blankets on the beach

D              F#               Bm
Your's is the first face that I saw
G          A                   D
Thnk I was blind before I met you
D                F#                        Bm
Dont know where I am, dont know where Ive been ... But i
E7                   A
know where I want to go

      D          A         Bm
So I thought Id let you know
     G                  A
that these things take forever
  D    D4         Bm
I especially am slow
         Em                                                     D A Bm
But I realized how I need you and I wondered if I could come home

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D               F#                 Bm
I remember the time you drove all night
G         A                 D
Just to meet me in the morning
D                 F#                          Bm
I thougth it was strange you said everything changed ... you felt
   E7               A
as if you'd just woke up

              D             F#              Bm
And you said, "This is the first day of my Life"
G                A                D
Im glad I didnt die before I met you
D            F#                   Bm
Now I dont care, I could go anywhere with you... and i'd
    E7        A
Probably be happy

           D      A       Bm
So if you want to be with me
      G                    A
With these things theres no telling
          D      D4          Bm
we'll just have to wait and see
                  Em                                                  D
but id rahter be working for a paycheck, than waiting to win the lottery
        Em                                                           D
Besides maybe this time its different I mean I really think you like me

F# Bm Em Gm Gm
D  F# Bm Em Gm Gm D