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Window On The World Chords

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From: "Leigh Robinson" 
Date: Fri, 4 Oct 1996 20:13:52 +0000
Subject: TAB: Window On The World by Bright Blue

                                         WINDOW ON THE WORLD
                                                    BRIGHT BLUE

This a song by a well known South African band. They are not that 
well known internationally but they have some great songs.

Verse 1
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B            A               E
Taking a trip on a freeway
B            A               E
Trying my best to escape
B            A               E
It's a landscape from heaven
B            A           E
I'm moving like hell


B      A          E                     B           A        E
Ah, what she tore from my window on the world
B      A          E                     B           A         E
Oh, what she tore from my window on the world

Intro x2

Verse 2

Sun beating down on the freeway
It's littered with tension and hate
For the young men marching everywhere
Tryin' their best to escape


Intro x2

Verse 3

On the African freeway
To the city, the city of hope
But young men marching everywhere
Not sure how to cope


Intro x2


The intro consists of the usual chords, B, A and E. The strum is 2 up 
strums and then a slap on the strings.
Any corrections etc are welcome. Enjoy!!
Sarah Robinson