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Jesus In Disguise Chords

Verse 1:

Dm                          F                          Am                      G
Ever get something in your head  -  It's nothing you heard, or something your read

Dm                                   F                           Am                     G
Ever had a cut, but you never saw the blade  -  Brought to your knees, but you never prayed

              F                    Dm                      Am                  G
Jesus in disguise, Jehovah passing by  -  The burden of a tear, hanging in your eye
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              F                     Dm                              C                         G
Jesus in disguise, a scar across the sky  -  You were looking for a King, you would never recognize

              Dm     F     Am 
Jesus in disguise ----------

Verse 2:

Dm                                    F                     Am                   G
Ever feel like you've been somewhere before  - You hold the key, you know which door

Dm                                   F                     Am                G
Speak the word your lips have never known  -  Because your heart ... told you so


     C                       Dm                  Am                    G 
So open my eyes, wide as I can ...... Blind as I am.....  blind as I am       ( repeat )

              Dm      F      Am 
Jesus in disguise ----------

God Bless,
Chris Alford