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All You Wanted Chords

Staind - It's Been Awhile

Awesome song and everyone seems to be missing this key piece.  There are two guitars
playing in the song, the accoustic one which accompanies the picking of the electric
that everyone has left out. This is the main electric guitar piece.

Accoustic gtr. down 1/2 step
Electric gtr. (low to high) Ab Db Ab Db Gb Bb
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Bb ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
Gb ---------------------------0---------------------0---0-------------7/5-----
Db ----12-----14-/-12-------9-------10/9----------4---4---4-------5-------5---
Ab -------------------0----10-------------10-/----5---------5---7---7-------7-
Db -14----14------------0--10----10---------------5-----------0---------------
Ab --0-----0------------------------------------------------------------------

Chorus (w/ heavy distortion)
Bb ------------------------------------------------------------------------
Gb ------------------------------------------------------------------------
Db ------------------------------------------------------------------------
Ab ----------------------------5--5---0--0--0--12--12--0-------------------
Db ---14--14-/--0---5---5--0---5--5---0--0--0--12--12--0-------------------
Ab ---12--12-/--0---3---3--0---------------------------0-------------------

All the other tabs with the accoustic stuff is right. This is needed to accompany it though.
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