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Letters To God Chords

Artist: Boxcar Racer
Song: Letters To God
Album: Untitled
Tabbed By: Jeff Dowden
Corrections Made By: Jeffrey Saunders (The Great One)

Em  B  G  Repeat 2X

Verse 1
Em              G
Caught off guard, all worked up
Em            G
The air is as dark and cold as night
Em        G
Let me go, I'm not done
Em                     G         
I swear I'll take this one lifetime

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Em             C            G
And I, I won't cry, I won't sin
D                     Em    C
Maybe I don't wanna go
C             G
Can't you wait
Maybe I don't wanna go

Repeat Intro 2X

Verse 2
Em                G
I should've asked, I could've helped
Em                 G
At least a fucking 1000 times before
Em              G
Will this offer, get me in
Em                    G
Or does it prove that they gave more

Chorus 1X

Interlude with piano and guitar

(heavy part)
Intro 2X
Repeat Chorus 2X