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Outbound Plane Chords

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As performed by Suzy Bogguss on TNN's American Music Shop

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Chords  - These create the essential high B and E drones

E   079900
B   799800
A   577600
G#m X66400
F#m X44200
Bii X24400 (second form of B chord)

E   B A   B E   B A    B E

E                                          B               A             E
I don't want to be standing here with this ticket for this outbound plane
                                    B              A             E
Cause I've been here before and somehow it doesn't feel the same.
                               B              A              E
But talk is cheap and we could talk all night long and we may
		      B                   A
Never figure out just where our love went wrong.

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      A                                  G#m
And I don't want to be standing here and I don't want to be talking here
    F#m                               Bii
And I don't really care who's to blame
         E          B           A            G#m
Cause if love won't fly on it's own free will
	      F#m        Bii      E
It's going to catch that outbound plane.

E                                    B       A
The old folks say that love's not forever anymore
	      E                           B             A              E
Because these young people walk away from love, alone to pace the floor.
                        B                 A
Young or old I say that love is still the same
            E                           B               A
And you may walk away from love but you won't fall over heels again.


A                         G#m
Two lonely hearts in this airport knowing,
F#m                               Bii
Neither one cares where the other heart is going
       E          B           A        G#m
But if love won't fly on it's own free will
	      F#m           Bii   E
it's going to catch that outbound plane.

E                                     B           A           E
That frown you're wearing's just your halo turned upside down.
                             B                  A              E
Where's the laughter we once shared back in the lost and found?
                                B                A
These broken wings are going to leave me here to stand my ground
    E                              A               B
And you can have this ticket, that lonely plane is flying out.