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True Devotion  (from the album "Black and White"  (C)1991)

B---0--0-----0--0----0--0----0--0----------------This riff is repeated for----
G--4-4--4---4-4--4--4-4--4--4-4--4---------------each line of the verses,-----
D-4--------2---------------4---------------------A similar riff appears below-
A------------------2-----------------------------for the chorus---------------
E----This is Sammy's main riff, and makes for a nice acoustic version, too----
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I was lucky for a long, long time I never felt much pain
A mess of clouds came over me The night it finally rained.
In my hand there's a silver heart It says you belong to me
But it's empty and used up I'm sailing off to sea

B---0--0----0--0----0--0----0--0----------Start this riff on the word "down"--
E-----This is the riff for the chorus...same chords, different order----------

Going down, going down Swallow an ocean
Going down, going down With true devotion

When the rain started coming down It was so hard to see
Swear I lost you in the crowd When you were right there with me
People scattering everywhere Trying to make it back home
And I slipped and fell on my ass I'm going down alone

Going down, going down Swallow an ocean
Going down, going down With true devotion

All I see is icy blue And I don't feel the waves
It doesn't matter anyhow I know I won't be saved
Before you go to sleep tonight Say a prayer for me, yeah
And all the other wasted souls Drowning definitely

Going down, going down Swallow an ocean
Going down, going down With true devotion