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Medicine Chords

TITLE: "Medicine"
ARTIST: Bob Schneider
ALBUM: I'm Good Now
Transcribed by Connor Roberts


 G	 C	 D	 Em	 G/D
e--3--	 --3--	 --2--	 --3--	 --3--
B--3--	 --3--	 --3--	 --3--	 --3--
G--0--	 --0--	 --2--	 --0--	 --2--
D--0--	 --2--	 --0--	 --2--	 --0--
A--2--	 --3--	 --x--	 --2--	 --0--
E--3--	 --0--	 --x--	 --0--	 --2--

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G       C               D       G
I got a heart, it don't work so good
G               C                   Em       D
'Cause it don't feel the way that I think it should
G            C          D       G
It pumps and pounds, it gets on down
D   C      G/D    G
Anytime you come around

D         C         
Baby baby let me in
D                            G
I need me some of your sweet medicine
D                            C
You got the cure for what is ailing me
Em                       D      G
Only your sweet love can set me free

(No lyrics, just ad-lib using same chords with optional picking)