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From: Todd Dunbebin 
Subject: TAB:Believe What You're Saying
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 1995 08:19:10 GMT

Believe What You're Saying

I'd like to thank  Ryan Cox ,for the tab he
posted but I was
noticing a couple of things that weren't quite right.  Possibly because
he got it from Bob's
120 Minutes segment.  I took it from where Ryan started and added, by
listening to the
campfire mix on "Besides".
Bob is adding an F# third string fourth fret to the Dmaj chord in the
intro between verses
and the first Dmaj of each line of the chorus.

DaddF#	  G		Cmaj7	  Em
xx0432	320033		x32033	022033

           Believe What You're Saying
Bob Mould from Sugar's album Besides
[ Tab from: ]
Intro 	G 	Dadd F#	Cmaj7		DaddF#
	G	Dadd F#	Cmaj7		DaddF#
(D)This is where the(G) line is
 That I've(Cmaj7) drawn across the sand(D)
And this is where my (G)heart aches
(Cmaj7)Unaware and in my (D)hand
(Em)This is where it's(Cmaj7){#1} gone
(Em)This is where the(Cmaj7) heartache's(G) going on(D){#2}
(Cmaj7)I can go it a(D)lone


I can't (G)belie(DaddF#)ve (Cmaj7)what your'e say(D)ing
I've got to(G) leave(DaddF#) for your'e(Cmaj7) sailing on (D)and on
I can't(G) repeat(DaddF#)  what it's (Cmaj7)all about it's wrong(D)
I can't (Cmaj7)believe(D hold) what your'e saying
This is how the time goes
In an ordinary town
And this is how it all ends up
When you run the whole thing down
This is how its gone
This is how it's already gone and I know
You keep going along
{#1}Bob does a little walk from the Cmaj7 to the next Em that consists of
the singly picked
notes CBAG finally to the Em all the while holding down the rest of the
Cmaj7 chord
{#2}Bob does a little riffing on the high E string with a Dsus2 Dmaj
Dsus4 Back and forth
listen for it.

		  "Tryin' not to suck at something..."
		   ======> Todd Dunbebin <========