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Norweigen Wood Chords

hi this song was performed by the borders band at kingsmead school 
in the wirral region. the borders band are Mr Julian rees,
Mast Anthony michael, Mast Colin redpath and the sad loser who 
tries to sing Mast Njal keay aka nij. this version of norwiegen wood
was peformed in front of a live audiance of over 200 people at 
the kingsmead founders hall. enjoy.

Mr julian rees = mandolin, backing vocals
Mast Anthony michael = drums
Mast Colin redpath = guitar, vocals
Mast Njal keay = ukulele, 
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   d                                 c             d
  i once had a girl or should i say she once had me
   d                                  c             d
  she showed me her room isnt it good norwegian wood      
  dm                                              g
  she asked me to stay and she told me to sit anywhere
   dm                                             g
  so i looked around and i noticed there wasnt a chair  
   d                            c                d
  i sat on a rug biding my time drinking her wine
  d                                      c              d
  we talked until two and then she said its time for bed
   dm                                                   g
  she told me she worked in the morning and started to laugh
   dm                                                 g
  i told her i didnt and crawled off to sleep in the bath
  d                             c                 d
  and when i awoke i was alone this bird had flown 
  d                               c            d
  so i light a fire isnt it good norwegian wood

we really enjoyed playing this and we all hope you do too. syonora
dudes. if you have any queries (not anthony) about the song please
e-mail me on

tickets for our summer term concert are 2.50 each. you can also
book online at or phone us on 
0151 632 0420