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Last To Know Chords

G				F		C
What took so long to build took a moment to slip away
G			F		C
You can barely hide the satisfaction on your face
Am			C
Time takes another day, changes you in subtle ways
	G			F		F
Lifts you up and slowly lets you go
G				F		C
Sitting there across the room, your smile looks like a breath
G				F		C
Living underneath the heel of what you might do next
Am		C
Memory works in strange ways,
G		F
Cuts you down and makes you pay
Am		C
One day you'll be walking,
G		F
by the next day life will hit you from behind

C		G
One heart, One love
Am		F
Two people can rise above
C		G
Each Time    We fall
Am		F
Don't know what I was thinking of
C		Am
And don't say it's over
C		Am
Don't say it's over
C	      G		  F
Don't let me be the last to know

That's it so far...I'm tired and need sleep.  I'll be adding in the
solo next time I'm on the computer so stay tuned.  Beautiful song.

	Jason Lemieux
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