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5 Days In May Chords

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 5 Days In May - Blue Rodeo
 From the CD: Five Days in July
 Words and Music by: Jim Cuddy and Greg Keelor
 Transcribed by: (Drake Hirasawa)
 Lyrics copied from Blue Rodeo website:
 Key: Em
 Em  D  Am  C
 They met in a hurricane
 Standing in the shelter out of the rain
 Am                         C
 She tucked a note into his hand
 Later on they took his car
 Drove on down where the beaches are
 Am                       C
 He wrote her name in the sand
 G          F             C    D
 Never even let go of her hand
 Somehow they stayed that way
 For those 5 days in May
 Made all the stars around them shine
 Funny how you can look in vain
 Living on nerves and such sweet pain
 The loneliness that cuts so fine
 To find the face you've seen a thousand times
 Sometimes the world begins
 To set you up on your feet again
 Bm                           D
 It wipes the tears from your eyes
 How will you ever know
 The way that circumstances go
 Bm                            D
 Always going to hit you by surprise
 I know my past
 You were there
    C               Em7/C
 In everything I've done
 You are the one
 Looking back it's hard to tell
 Why they stood while others fell
 Spend your life working it out
 All I know is one cloudy day
 They both just ran away
 Rain on the windshield heading South
 She loved the lines around his mouth
 Use an alternating bass/strum pattern, except for last four lines of
 chorus (from "I know my past...") where the chords are finger-plucked
 on strings 2 through 5 only.  Those chords are:
         Am      X0221X
         G/B     X2000X
         C       X3201X
         Em7/C   X3243X