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Ugly Side Chords

"Ugly Side" by Blue October
from the album "History for Sale"

Notes: You can play this one with either power chords or open chords; on an acoustic,
power chords for the verses and open chords for the chorus sound pretty good.
Like most Blue October songs, this one would sound better if you had violin
accompaniment.  I whistle the violin parts, and it sounds OK.   Comments are
welcome at

I must have sneezed

On knees I freeze
I mean I just choked up
But somehow I slept
I dream, I mean
I dreamt of nothing
I'm able to breathe

A sweet relief
Now that you're here for me
A northern degree
Dove into me
Now I'm recovering

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I only want you to see
My favorite part of me
And not my ugly side
          G        E   Bm
And not my ugly side

So hook up a C.B. wave away
For conversation flow
I'm shown to your cage to wage this rage
Don't let me go
A kick and a scream is all that seems
To mean a lot thus far (lot thus far...)
I won't let you on my stage, my page
You can't know
Yet you have to know!

[Repeat Chorus twice, then outro:]

Bm (sustained)

      G   A  D  A  Bm
So calm... 
	      D  A  Bm
And it's so calm...
	         G     A     Bm
And now it's dark
			   G       A
I look for you to light my heart
Bm				   G
I'm between the moon and where you are
   A              Bm
I know I can't be... far