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Wink Chords

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Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 08:44:15 -0500
From: Clyde McGee 
Subject: b/mountain_blue/wink.crd
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Song: Wink
Artist: Blue Mountain
Album: Dog Days
Tabbed by: Clyde McGee
These are the chords to Wink in standard tuning.  It sounds
right, but it is not perfect.  The first part starts out
with G with bottom two fingers(I am not a guitar expert)
we will just call them G1 and G2.  Play G1 and then play
 a little on and off riff with the finger on the Bstring
and one strum a G1 then a G2 and an open and change to C. Sorry
it is so hard to read but it is the best I could do and it took
me forever.  Remember main riff is Intro.
-represents one strum.
   G1   G2  open  C  Am
e  2    2    0    0   0
B  2    0    0    1   1
G  0    0    0    0   2
D  0    0    0    2   2
A  2    2    0    3   0
E  3    3    0    0   0
Intro:G1,G2,G1-G2-open-C 4 times
Verse 1:              When I woke up
(main riff)
today                 I was feelin
G1,G2,G1,-G2-open-C          Am
okay                  but my mind started turnin,
                      breakfast is burnin
and soul slipped away, to a red evening
(main riff)
(main riff)
                      and a lover's sweet sigh
(main riff)
                      in a wink of an eye
Am                    Am
                      in a wink of an eye
G1,G2,G1-G2-open-C X2
Verse 2:
		      Just try not to think
(main riff)
                      Cause it'll drive you to drink
G1,G2,G1-G2-open-C    Am
                      But I cannot forget all the
    		      Things that you said when we
were high flying too
(main riff)
high                  hung out to dry
(main riff)
                      in a wink of your eye
Am                    Am
                      in a wink of your eye
(G1,G2,G1,G2),(main riff),(G1,G2,G1-G2-C-Am),(G1,G2,G1,G2)
Verse 3:
(main riff)
                      What more can I
(same chords)
say                   Why should I even try
G1,G2,G1-G2-open-C             Am
                      After reading your letter I don't know whether
to laugh or to cry Or just say
(main riff)
(main riff)
                      just sayy
(main riff)
(main riff)
                      with a wink in my
(main riff)
G1,G2,G1-G2           Am
                      with a wink in my
(main riff)
                 La la
la la la la la la-la la la la
la laa  Ooh hoo
G1,G2,G1-G2-open-C X3