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Song: TV
Band: Blink182
Albums: Chesire Cat, Buddah
18:01 11th November 1999
Tabbed by: Samm Hodge

3 words: Very easy song

Intro: G,C,G,C,G,C,aii,C
start strumming quicker: G,C,A,C,G,C,A,C
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Play that agian with distortion
and replace aii with C


G                        C
When im at work i always rush home for lunch

G                                  C
So i can check out whats up on the brady bunch


G       C              A        C
I never dream that i'd spend my days

G               C             A        C
Staring at some tube emitting constant rays

G   C   A     C          G  C    A  C
              I need my TVVVVV

and thats about it
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