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Point Of View Tab

Artist :blink 182
Song: point of view
Album :Buddha
Tabbed by :dave

Chords Used:
   E  A  D  F#  C#  E*  B*  G#*  C#*

Intro: A C# D (rake 3x) A F# E (rake 3x) 2x
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Verse 1
A             C#     D
Two different people two different places
A                 F#          E
through a one way window with two different faces
A                  C#          D
agreements are not reached and favors are forgotten
A                  F#    E
the other person's shoes you have got in

Verse 2 (play same as first verse)
stubborn minded enclosed to your own world
wake up and see someone else's morals
what is right to you
might be true 

                A                E*
Its a different point of view to you
           B*             D            A
you cannot see things are different to me and i cant
E*                        B*
understand why you cannot see 
                  D      B*       G#*
the things that i cannot see
C#*        E*
i see what you dont see
B*         G#*
i see what you dont see
C#*             E*                     B*
turn around the shadows are all around me

do solo later……
That was pretty easy and im sure it is 100% right(not bad for a 13 year old.)