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Paper Scratcher Chords

Paper Scratcher


 E       D       C       A       B       C#m
022100  xx0232  x32010  x02220  023332  046654

 E                        D                     C
Shuffle can to can nobody really gives a damn

                        A          D  E
For every living day I give myself a hand

Now Iím scratchy as can be

          D                           C
I got all you normals looking at me

Iíll scratch a hole in my life so everyone can see

A  B   E
       My mind is a mind that I have come to know

And my eyes canít conceive a world that can not grow
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         And Fridays are always fresh days
Screaminí at the sun, donít really
Know what he has done
He donít believe in God and a world as one
So he rambles through the weeds
And he will sleep beneath the trees

C            D      A
  And on the day I die, Thank God my soul will be released

B  A  B  A E       E   
              Iíve seen all your eyes

And Iíve seen all your faces 

Can you tell me honestly that you wanna be free?

Then look in my eyes Iíve been lots of places

Can you tell me honestly that youíd want to be me

            C#m    B      E            D
Would you wanna be me?

C#m          B     E  D    C#m  B   E  D  

C#m  B  E  D  C#m  B  E  D  C#m  B  E