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No Rain Tab

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>>From: (Brendan F Odonnell) 

I saw a request for this a while back so I figured what the hell.

This is my first tab post so go easy on me.

"No Rain"
Words and Music by Blind Melon
Transcribed for Guitar World magazine by Jeff Perrin

quarter note= 150
tuning: standard

Note: The music is for two guitars with the chords listed above being
      played by rhythm acoustic and the tab played by lead electric 

Figure 1 (played three times at beginning)
                 E /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\

Third time, the last note is cut into a half note and
rhythm plays A-based barre chords at faster strum

Figure 2 (played 2 1/2 times)
 E           D               E  

End Fill for Figure 2
 D  h        /\/\

Chorus 1:

**Figure 1 then Figure 2 played with verses and rhythm strum**

Verse 1

**End fill for Figure two then Verse two**

**Figure 1 once**

2nd Chorus
(solo) [email if you want it posted]

3rd Chorus
**This chorus is played with only one strum per chord
  except for G which is six eighth note strums with eighth
  rests before the first and fourth strum**

  Chords as above
[ Tab from: ]
(As the old saying goes....Everybody together!!!)

Second verse same as the first!!  (I couldn't resist)

(end solo) w/
End with Figure one fading.

Thanks for listening....I'm outta here

-Scott Hartig



Date: Wed, 10 Dec 1997 10:43:13 PST
From: Ricky Lee 
Subject: "no rain" by blind melon

Hi, I was just screwing around with my guitar and I came up with an 
alternate intro to blind melon's "no rain" that's not in the archive.  
This one's a little more full and folky, if you like that sort of thing.  
Also, this is the first time I've tried to write in rhythm.  bear with 
me here.  The measures are kind of accurate; the spacing of the notes 

kapo the scond fret. Notation is relative to the kapo (a 3 is really a 5 
and such...)

        Cmaj        Dmaj                  Cmaj    
|-0--------------|---------3---2--|-0--------------| repeat one more
|---3---1----3-1-|--3----3--------|---3---1----3-1-| time (the rhythm
|-----2----------|-----2----------|-----2----------| is practically
|-0--------2-----|--0------2-2----|-0--------2-----| immortal) & then 
|-------3------3-|----------------|-------3------3-| your guess is as 
|----------------|----------------|----------------| good as mine. Try
                                                     something based 
                                                     on the other tabs
                                                     posted  here!

The the verses and solo are pretty easy.  Just play what the others have 
modified for a kapo (instead of E major play D major and such...)