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Candy Says Chords

Artist: Blind Melon
Song: Candy Says
Album: Changes (single)
Trancribed by: Michael MacMillan

This is a great song originally recorded by the velvet underground and written by the great
Lou Reed. It's a simple song. Also, I'm not sure about the end of the chorus and if I am
mistaken, someone please correct me. Any more Blind Melon tabs would also be appreciated.

G      D   C                Em
Candy says, oh I've come to hate my body

C            G           D             (alternate D and Dsus4)
And all that it requires in this world.

G     D            C           Em              C
Candy says, oooohhh, I need to know completely

           G                D          (alt)   
What other souls discreetly talk about.

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G         C                  D    (alt)
I'm gonna watch the bluebird fly,

Over my shoulder.

G             C                 D  (alt)
And I'm gonna watch him pass me by,

When I'm older.

C                 G
What do you think I'd see,

D                         C
If I could walk away from me?

Verse II:
Same chords as above.

Candy says, ooohhh, I hate the quiet places
That cause the smallest taste of what will be. (that's what they told me)
Candy says, ooohh, I hate the big decisions
that cause the endless revisions in my mind.
(that's why I'm doing fine)


Solo                 G  D  C  Em  C  G  D


That's it. Again it's a great song. Have fun.