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White Minority Chords


D                G           C 
We're gonna be a white minority
D                      G     C 
We won't listen to the majority
D                  G      C
We're gonna feel inferiority
D               G          C  
We're gonna be white minority
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        A     G 
	White pride
	C           D
	You're an american
	A         G 
	I'm gonna hide
	C   D
	Anywhere i can

                     D (let it ring)
the end is smt like: we're all gonna die

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Gonna be white minority
We don't believe there's a possibility
Well you just wait and see
We're gonna be white minority

	White pride
	You're an american
	White pride
	Anywhere i can

Gonna be a white minority
There's gonna be large cavity
Within my new territory
We're all gonna die

---transcripted by Skapunker-----