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Back before Clint Black went "Hollywood", he put out some pretty good
honky-tonk tunes.  I think this is one of 'em.

                        "Walkin' Away"

Performed by: Clint Black
Words/Music by: Clint Black,Hayden Nicholas,Dick Gay

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A    G    D    A    G    D    A  G  D  D         D   G         A
                                    1: Walkin' away, I saw a side of you
     D             G         A                   D  G            A 
that I knew was there all along.  And that some-day I'd say good-bye to 
  D            G             A              D        
you,  'cause one right can still make two wrongs. 2: Not for each other,
G              A          D              G       A                D      G
not from the start,  the diff'rence was day and night.  My finest hour spent 
           A           D         G         A         D 
here with you in the dark, was just before I saw the light.


           A                            G                 D
It's the people who want love and the people who need love who find
             A               G                     D 
love on the way.  I'll be looking for someone 'til I find the right one, 
     A             G      D    A    G    D    A    G    D    A  G  D 
then I won't be walking away.

D                         G        A               D        G           A
Now that I know what I'm tryin' to find,  there's only one place it can be.
          D       G                  A         D        G   
So I'm lookin' ahead, I've stopped looking behind for someone who's
  A         D       
lookin' for me.