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Piano Man Chords

By: Billy Joel

Tabbed by Caroline & Kris 

Waltzing rhythm 6/8

C G Am C F C D G
C G Am C F G C C F F

    C      G           Am      C        
Its nine oíclock on a saturday      
    F	      C         D        G          
The regular crowd shuffles in
	   C      G         Am         C	        
Thereís an old man  sitting next to me  	
        F          G         C      C
Making love to his tonic and gin 

C  G  Am  C  F  G  C  C  F  F

        C           G         Am     C 	    
He says son can you play me a memory   	
     F          C           D      G
Iím not really sure how it goes
          C           G           Am           C    
But itís sad and its sweet and I knew it complete 
     F        G             C	     C
when I wore a younger manís clothes 

Am    C		  D7   D7   Am        
La da da     de de Da               
   C            D7  D7 	  G  G7 G(3) G7(3)
da da     de de Da     da DA

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C	  G 	         Am        C   
Sing us a song youíre the piano man     
F         C       D     G
Sing us a song tonight
            C          G          Am     C     
Well weíre all in the mood for a melody   
    F             G           C     C
and youíve got us feeling all right

C G Am C F G C C F F C C F F

Now John at the bar Ė heís a friend of mine, 
he gets me my drinks for free
And heís quick with a joke or to light up your smoke 
but thereís some place that heíd rather be 
He says bill I believe this is killing me 
as the smile ran away from his face, 
Well Iím sure that I could be a movie star,
if I could get out of this place

La da da de de Da   Da da da  de de Da DA DE

Now Paul is a real estate novelist 
who never had time for a wife
And heís talking with Davy whoís still in the navy 
and probably will be for life
And the waitress is practising politics 
As the businessmen slowly get stoned
yes they're sharing a drink they call loneliness 
but its better than drinking alone



Itís a pretty good crowd for a saturday 
And the manager gives me a smile
Cause he knows that itís me they've been coming to see 
To forget about life for a while
And the piano sounds like a carnival 
and the microphone smells like a beer
And they sit at the bar and put bread in my jar 
and say man what are you doing here? 

La da da de de Da   Da da da  de de Da DA DE




-G7-	-G7(3)   -G(3)-
 1        1        0
 0        3        3
 0        0        0
 0        0        0
 2        2        2
 3        3        x