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Sitting On The Toilet Bowl Chords

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Title : Sitting on the Toilet Bowl
Artist: Big Red Apples (B.R.A)
Album : Flushed '97
Transcription : Yong Jun 

Intro Riff : G D Em Am G D

[Verse 1]
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G	       D      Em
Sitting on the toilet bowl

Am       G       D
Backside feeling cold

[Verse 2]

G           D        Em
Shit coming from the hole

    Am         G      D
But there's no toilet roll


C	   B7
I tried to look for something

	Em	  D        Em
But my backside's just too cold

	      A7	D
And I'm here farting

In the toilet bowl

Epilogue : G D G

{Repeat Verse 2 then chorus x2}