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Suddenly Strange Chords

“Suddenly Strange” – Bic Runga
From the album ‘Drive’

G             	 F   			Em		       E
Fire.  Inside my shoes.  Still walkin’ forward but back to you
		       C				Am
I spouse I must be stuck with you again, this joke is wearing thin, 
   C 		     D
I know its time I, know its time to -
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G		          F		     Em		         Em
Go.  And just so you know.  This secret part of you never showed
		          C			      Am
And when you run around like you don’t care, Im suddenly aware
  C		     F
I know its time I, know its time Its -

G		 	   F
Suddenly strange I, can hardly complain Im,
Am          		   D
Down the stairs and Im out the door its
G		       F
Suddenly cooler, it bowled me right over
Am		         D
Im down again, I suppose its over –

Now.  Don’t ask me how.  But it didn’t take much to figure out
And you know Ill go acting really tough , And giving back your stuff
I know its time I, know its time Its –