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Lonesome Chords



1= b,f#m,g#m,e
same throught

Why is it when you wake up you shake your silly head
like a fire in the morning you play dead.

I feel like drowning in all my sorrow from you
 you make me feel ohhhhhh soo blue
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Lonesome me im cryin over you
little me you can see the tears
running down my eyes
while i get all lonesome

For a week or too i lost that part of you
but did you see me caring no no ohhhhh

In 2 months or three i seen you on tve
you made me looke twice to see you...

arnt who you play to be you really hurt me

Lonesome me im crying ova you
littleme you can see the tears
running down my eys (my eyes)
while i get all lonesome

from debut album:   "little world alone"