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From: "Martin Heal" 
Subject: h/harper_ben/by_my_side.crd
Date: Sun, 31 May 1998 22:20:34 +0100

"By My Side" - Ben Harper
from the album "Fight for Your Mind"

Verse 1
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F                      Bb                          C         Bb		 F
Don't you get ahead of me, and I won't leave you behind,
If you get unhappy, won't you give me a sign,
There's no love like a lost love, and no pain like a broken heart,
There's no love like you and me, and no loss like us apart.

Verse 2

Promises, Promises, only a word
And when softly spoken, is never heard,
And a heart is not a stone,
A hand is fragile, is fragile and alone.


F             C    Dm          Bb   (C Dm)       Bb          (C) Bb F
By my side, by my side, I want you to be by my side.
By my side, by my side, I want you to be by my side.

Verse 3

Oh my care for you is from the ground up to the sky
It's over, under, up above, down below and to the side,
There's no use in pretending, no use in saving face
For my love is never ending, and you are my saving grace.

I want you to be by my side
I want you to be by my side
The chords in brackets are passing chords, and I'm not sure about the (C Dm)

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