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Complicated Chords

Song: Complicated
Artist: Ben Gibbard

 This song was a good cover. The other tab is correct but you can also play it with a
capo on the 3rd fret. Sounds cleaner.

 e   G 3    Em 0    C 0    D 2 
 b     0       0      1      3
 g     0       0      0      2
 d     0       2      2      0
 a     2       2      3      0
 E     3       0      0      0

Related to Capo


G Em C D
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Chill Out what you yelling for,
lay back its all been done before
              C                   D
and if you could only let it be you will see



    Em                 G                  C
Why you got to go make things so comlicated?
D                     Em                  G                    C
I see the way your acting like your someboady else makes me frustrated.



Em G C D

Its really easy.