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Somewhere Between Chords

#Title=Somewhere Between
Somewhere Between

Music & Lyrics by Mark Bellinger
Copyright 2002


D A G Asus4

Verse 1

D           D7                Em                   Asus4    
Sometimes I search and wonder where my life should be
D             D7                Em               Asus4
Quiet moments scare me most, am'fraid to be with me
D                   D7           Em                A7
Victories past seem unimportant, failure rears its head
D                  D7        Em             C#dim
imbibe that amber liquor and head on off to bed

D                   A                G                   A(F# bridge)
There is a truth it lies inside from which you can never hide

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Bm                F#                       A                Em
Think I'd like to tell you now that theres something I have found
Bm               F#                 A            Em
It's not deep in philosophy but its really quiet profound
Bm           F#     A                C#dim
Wherever you are or wherever you may be
D                 A               Em         D
Somewhere between drunk and sober lies reality

A G Asus4

Verse 2

The cold night wind blows an icy chill but the fire is warm inside
Mirage in the glowing embers its great to be alive
Chardonnay,good company,lifes reality aside
Wake up in the morning then you can decide

Verse 3

Laughter of young friends now gone, still echoes through these walls
All left now is memories past the,greatest gift of all
Life can steal so many things
But it can't erase the past

Verse 4

Empty bed, where she lay her head, was nothing you could do
Can you take the pain and try again is it too much to lose
Its not so bad that your afraid, trust the fire thats in your soul
Happiness somewhere between should be you final goal

A G Asus4 D