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Happiness Ignorance Chords

#Title=Happiness & Ignorance
Happiness & Ignorance

Music & Lyrics by Mark Bellinger
Copyright 2002


C                  F                      C
They say that happiness is a cigar called hamlet
          Am          D7          G      G7
Well I've never heard anything so absured
C             F               C
Alas remember that poor fella Yorich
    Am      G7                 C
And frankly cigars look like a turd

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F             C            G       C
Happiness and ignorance go hand in hand
F             C            G      C
In every single corner of the land

So apparently there are people who are starving
But I've heard that we have mountains made of food
Have these people never heard of Mohammed
Or is that these mountains cannot move?

They tell me that the universe is teeming
With stars and planets flying all around
So doesn't it seem quite ironic
That intelligent life is something still not found

When we die we go on up to heaven
As a kid I thought that place was on a cloud
So when I saw blue skies and sun a shining
I assumed that no admittance was allowed