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Where I Belong Tab

drop d

top string-9(all down strokes) 2,4 (regular strokes) (slide back to 9)

dont even talk about it
everyone knows its wrong
i cant figure it out now
tell me where i belong

pre chorus
0,          b         b(top string)
    where i belong oh where i belong
0           b   (pause)
    where i belong

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oh i cant feel you anymore
ended when u walked out the door
lost and found but hardly here
where i belong sure aint near

pre chorus

verse 2
black dark room i look into
sure cant wait here very long
when you see me lost and broken
can you tell me where i belong

pre chorus


play prechorus notes 3 times thru then play open string for the next bar, palm mute quick

pre chorus

chorus x2

soft pre chorus picking to end