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Where Its At Bass Tab

Artist:  Beck
Song Title:  Where It's At
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This is a cool song and the bass is pretty easy, but pretyy dang funky.  OK.  
The distance between the notes have nothing to do with the rhythm.  I figure
you'll be able to listen to the song and figure out when to play the notes I
wrote down.  The lines don't indicate measures either.  Just so you don't think
I'm an idiot.
~ means hammer on
^ means pull off
Listen to the song to figure out when each of these parts is played and when.  
The main riff is as follows.  This is part A.
They play this 4 times before going into the "Where it's at" part which is just
an E played at different times.  you should be able to figure it out if you're
not stupid.  That is part B.  The third part is kinda like a bridge.  This is
part C.  It's played twice at a time.
Those are the three basic parts of the song that have bass.  Enjoy!

--Brian Munz