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I Am Chords

"I Am"
no capo

This is the first track off of his sophomore label album, "Big Blue Sky."  It's a
great song, and is really easy.  Full strum unless otherwise noted...

Em C G D (2x)

Em C G D (9x)

Em C G D (4x)
Am C D
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Em C G D (4x)

repeat from above

BRIDGE:  (light strumming, or finger-picking)
Am D G (3x)
Am D (start strumming harder here)

(repeat from above, but on final C chord, transition back to the beginning of the
chorus; play straight through the second time, but end on C chord)

The song is really easy, but if there's any question, jut listen to the CD, it's easy
to pick out.  God bless!!