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Come Together Chords

Come Together - Beatles

Chords Used

Dm7 -- 000211
A7 -- 002020
G -- 320033
Bm -- x24432
Bm7 x24232
A -- 002220 

Intro Dm7 (shck!)

Dm7 (Continous Strumming)
Here come old flat top, He come

Grooving up slowly, he got

Joo Joo eyeball, he one

Holy roller, he got

Hair down to his knee.

G pause
Got to be a joker, he just do what he please.

(Repeat Intro)          

He wear no shoe shine, he got

Toe jam football, he got

Monkey finger, he shoot

Coca cola, he say

I know you, you know me.  

G pause
One thing I can tell you is you got to be free.

     Bm        Bm7     G-A break
Come together, right now   over me

(Repeat Intro)
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He bag production, He got

Wal-rus gumboot, he got

Oh, no sideboard, he one

Spinal cracker, he got

feet down below his knee.

G pause
Hold you in his armchair,

you can feel his disease 

     Bm        Bm7    G-A break  Dm7_
Come together, right now  over me


Ad Lib: Dm7 ----- A7 ----- Dm7

He roller coaster, he got

Early warning, he got

Muddy water, he one

Mojo filter, he say

One and one and one is three.

G pause
Got to be good looking 'cause he so hard to see 

     Bm        Bm7     G-A break
Come together, right now   over me

(Repeat Intro)


(Aw!) Come together, (Yeh)

Repeat Coda 10x while fading