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from "The History of Rock; The Early 60's" Hal Leonard Publishing
     ISBN # 0-7935-0020-6 (very cool music book, has pipeline, walk don't run)
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F                    Eb                           C7                     F
Let's go surfin now, ev'ry-bod-y's learn-in' how, come on a sa-fa-ri with me.
Bb                              Eb                  F7              Eb7
Ear-ly in the morn-in' we'll be start-in' out, some hon-eys will be com-in'
  Bb                                          Eb7                F7
a-long. We're load-in' up our wood-y with the boards in-side and head-in'out
Eb7          Bb
sing-in' our song.
Come on ba-by, wait and see, yes, I'm gon-na take you surf-in' with me.
Lone-some ba-by wait and see, yes, I'm gon-na take you surf-in' with me.
F                      Eb                            C7                      F
Let's go surf-in' now, ev-'ry-bod-y's learn-in' how, come on a sa-fa-ri with me.

In Hunt-ing-ton and Ma-li-bu they're shoot-in' the pier, in Rin-con, they're

walk-in' the nose. We're go-in' on sa-fa-ri to the is-lands this year, so if

you're com-in', get read-y to go. 

They're ang-lin' in La-gu-na and Cerro A-zul, they're kick-in' out in Do-hi-ni

too. I tell you surf-ins run-nin' wild, it's get-tin' big-ger ev-'ry day from

Ha-wai-i to the shores of Pe-ru.

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