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You Will Be Waiting Chords

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Subject: Barenaked Ladies: You Will Be Waiting

I hope that the chord fingerings below
make sense. I don't know the real names of the chords that I've called
such things as CaddG, but it's a C major with the high G note added on
the first string and so on. Sorry about the capo placement, but my
cassette player plays everything fast (about a half-step fast) so where
I have to put my capo to play along isn't necessarily reliable. Just pick
out the bass notes and see where it should go.

Ben McTernan

(Capo on 2nd or 3rd fret; I can't remember which)

The numbers below denote the fret where the string should be held, not
the finger that should be used. All fingerings are with the capo on.
 CaddG       C/BaddG      Am7         Am7/G       Fm

 32013        2X013       02013      3X2013      133111


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CaddG        C/BaddG            Am7            Am7/G
As we walk together through the autumn nearing winter
            Fm                                 C               G
Through the dying leaves and trees we call our home and native land
    CaddG           C/BaddG         Am7
You say you don't believe a thing I say
          Am7/G           Fm
I say you don't believe a thing
                               C            G
You say you can't believe that I don't understand

      F               C
But I know you will be waiting
     F               C
Oh I know you will be waiting
      F             G (pause)
Yes I know you will be waiting, waiting there for me

Other verses are the same, with interludes being either a full or
truncated repetition of the main progression.


F        G
You were someone who would

CaddG  C/BaddG    Am7      Am7/G
Always tell me    things I don't know

Tell me where to go

           C      G  (hold on the G chord)
There I'll always go

          F               G
Always go back whether or not you're waiting

CaddG    C/BaddG   Am7               Am7/G
Ooh well I don't   care if you'll be waiting

Fm              G                             CaddG   C/BaddG
Please say that you will be waiting there for me

Am7            Am7/G    Fm                 C
Don't you ever leee-eee-eave, please don't leave