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From: Stephen Denommee 
Subject: The Wrong Man was Convicted
Date: Wed, 6 Sep 95 19:06:52 EDT


>From the Album: Maybe You Should Drive
Capo 3rd fret

Em            C G
Who's lonely now?
D                  C     G
Which one of us is suffering?
Em           C  G
Who's in his cups?
D                 C   G
Which one of us recovering?
D             Em7
Who likes to look at pictures and
D                  Em7
cries, but way too late?
D                   Em7
Who doesn't want to change a thing,
Am7               D
accepting it was fate?

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D          G            C
The wrong man was convicted.
    D                G
You know, I did the deed.
   C                               G
I thought that you would wait for me.
         Am7                D
Your wants I needn't heed.
                 G                C
The wrong man lies beside you
       Em7                 C
and waits for you to wake.
            D                            C  G
And all because I lacked conviction
     Am7            D   Em
the judgment's my mistake.

Em                       C G
Who's breathless now?
        D             C    G
Who only hyperventilates?
Em                C  G
Who'd die for you?
           D                C   G
Who's dying inside anyway?
D                          Em7
Which one of us is sunshine and
D                            Em7
which one's growing dim?
 D                                 Em7
While two men dream of you at night
    Am7                    D
do you just dream of him?


Dm               F
Who's lonely now?
          bflat        C
Who's reaching out for no one?
Cadd9           Gm
Who's lonely now?
   A                          D
It takes one to know one.

Em                C  G
I changed my mind;
       D                      C           G
You said that I could change it back.
Em               C  G
I wanted space,
              D                        C               G
and now change has fallen through the cracks.
D               Em7
If I'm again beside your body,
D                               Em7
don't tell me where it's been.
D                  Em7
It's cruel, unusual punishment
   Am7                    D
to kiss fingerprinted skin.


D            Em   D             Em
it's my mistake, it's my mistake.

Done by Steve Denommee ( Sept. 4, 1995
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