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Epitath by Badly Drawn Boyof the album Hour of the BewilderbeastTranscribed by Ryan T Rockers esq.D     
                           GPlease don't leave me wanting moreE                        GI hope you 
dieE                        Gtheres no need to say whyA                                    Djust promise that you'll tryto give me all you canI'll never ask for morethere's new life through the doorthe cradle 
and fallsas new fruit fills the treecements the melodyto signify we're freeour troubles passingthrough decaying simple timesI'll tread your trail with pridesemantics on the side (?)I've nothing betterplease don't leave me wanting moreI hope you never diethere's no need to say whyjust promise that you'll tryI'm pretty sure that's it.   I was listening to a live version cause I think he's in a different tuning on 
album, but thats it basically.   Any suggestions are welcome.
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