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Goodbye Chords

Chords By: lowie ashton jay gato

 C           G         Am        F
its hard to say this,i dont know why
 C           G        Am          F
but i cant stop the tears when we say goodbye..
 C          G        Am        F
i wanna be tough,i dont wanna cry
 C          G         Am           F
but living life wihtout you,makes me wanna die.

 C          G         Am      F     
my love is like a river,it goes on and on and on
 C          G        Am          F  
my love is like a fire,coz once it is out it is gone..

Verse 2:( chords are thesame as verse 1)
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your very special to me,yuo have been form the start

i knew it from the very moment you captured my heart..

you are my first love,you gave me my first kiss

but when we are apart,its you that i miss..

(repeat chorus)

 Am               Em              
its hard to tell you how i feel
 Am                Em
when i dont know what to do
 Am                 Em
should i still have these feelings?!
 Dm              F
or should i be over you?!

Chorus 2:
   C              G            Am            F           
my love is like a river,ever changing in each turn..
   C              G            Am           F
my love is like a fire,you dont know how long it will burn..

(repeat chorus 2X)