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You Were Mine Chords

This song can be downloaded at www.avrilbandaids.com and look
for the media section then look for NAPANEE FAIR.

Before the song starts she talks first like this below

Ok I don't you say sit in a store but this song is I just kinda
prefers at most to all

Can I have a Dixie chicks song called "You Were Mine"
And This is my first time singing this in public
Some kinda bit excited (laughs) ok

Chords used:

A     x02220
D     xx0232
E/G#  4xx45x
F#m   244222
Bm    x24432
G     320033
F     133211
C     x32010
A/C#  x4222x
B     x24442
F#    244322
E     022100
C#m   x46654
G#m   466444

      A          D          A         D

Verse 1:
A                        E/G#
I can't find a reason to let go
     F#m                   D
Even though you've found a new love
          F#m                  D
And she's what your dreams are made of
A                      E/G#
I can find a reason to hang on
          F#m             D
What went wrong can be forgiven
        F#m                 D       A
Without you, it ain't worth livin' alone

[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/a/avril_lavigne/you_were_mine_crd.html ]
    E       D       A         D
Sometimes I wake up crying at night
        E       D               A
And sometimes I scream out your name
     E              D       A
What right does she have to take your heart away
         Bm       D        E
When for so long, you were mine

Verse 2:
  A                                E/G#
I took out all the pictures of our wedding day
         F#m              D
It was a time of love and laughter
F#m        D
Happy ever after
    A                            E/G#
But even those old pictures have begun to fade
       F#m               D
Please tell me she's not real
                F#m           D       A
And that you're really coming home to stay

(Repeat Chorus)

G                D
  I can give you two good reasons
   F                   C
To show you love's not blind
     A             E/G#          F#m        D
He's two and she's four, and you know they adore you
   Bm        A/C#      D                   E
So how can I tell them you've changed your mind

(Repeat Chorus with 1 step note higher E-->F#)

    F#      E       B         E
Sometimes I wake up crying at night
        F#       E              B
And sometimes I scream out your name
     F#             E       B
What right does she have to take your heart away
         C#m      E        F#
When for so long, you were mine

    C#m         E        B
I remember when you were mine

      B          E         G#m        E      B