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Take Me Away Chords

Em    Dsus2      Asus2    Cmaj7   G
I can not find a way to describe it

Em    Dsus2      Asus2    Cmaj7   G
It's there inside; all I do is hide

Em   Dsus2   Asus2   Cmaj7   G
I wish that it would just go away

Em         Dsus2    Asus2   Cmaj7   G
What would you do, you do, if you knew

What would you do?


Em  Cmaj7
All the pain I thought I knew
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All my thoughts led back to you

Em Cmaj7
Back to what was never said

Back and forth inside my head

Em Cmaj7 Dsus2
I'm unable come and take me away

(for the second verse it's the same as the first one)



I'm going nowhere[on and on and]

I'm getting nowere [on and on and on]

Take me away

I'm going nowhere [on and off and off

And on and off and on


E D Asus2 E
Take me away