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Love Come Rescue Chords

This is a version with all of the corrections that have not been filled in on the other 
version of this tab.


Am x-0-2-2-1-0-|
C  x-3-2-0-1-0-|
G  3-2-0-0-1-3-|
*Note this is C/G but I'm calling it G for general purpose because if someone just 
wishes to use the chords, G works fine.

When playing the intro, as you play the Am and C, you want to accent the high e string 
and for the G, you want to accent the B string, basically, play it like this:
      Am         C           G
      D U U D    D U U D     D U U D D U D   Strumming pattern for the song
G|----2-2-2-2----0-0-0-0-----0-0-0-0-0-0-0-------------------------|  x2

Play the intro throughout each verse
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Am  C                  G
    Mother do you still love this child?
Am  C          G
    Baby on the run
Am  C                 G
    Father would you forgive me now?
Am  C                  G
    When you see what I have become

In between F and G, move F to the third fret (it's another way to play G) but then move 
back to the real G, it makes basically the same sound but it makes all the difference, 
especially when you get the correct strumming.
         F      G
Love come rescue
         F      G
Love come rescue

Am  C                   G
    There's a swallow on the phone wire
Am  C               G
    Singing songs unto my pain
Am  C            G
    Songs I will remember
Am  C          G
    To lift me up again

          F     G
Love come rescue
          F     G
Love come rescue
          F     G
Love come rescue
          F     G
Love come rescue

Dm  Am C  G
Ooh ooh   ooh x8

End on C/G 3-2-0-0-1-3