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All Warm Tab

"All Warm"
Armor For Sleep
Demo/Dream to Make Believe
Tablature by Joseph Craig
AIM: umop dnL


Author (Joseph Craig) Note: This tab is quite accurate but it represents
the music from the DEMO versio of All Warm. The big difference in the demo 
version is the Lead Guitar's hammers & pull-offs & there is no octive break/
pre-chorus part exactly between the end of the verse and the start of the chorus.

(I have listed two ways to play this song: With ONE guitar & the original...
with two guitars.)


Verse x4 (Lead) (Most octives are not strummed. Listen to song
for further
hearing explenation.)

Verse x4 (Rythm)
  pt. 1
 PM ________ ________ ________ ________

  pt. 2
 PM ________ ________ ________ ________

Here's a hard part to explain... the verse DOES play 4x, but
each of these parts is 2x... basically, pt. 1 plays once, then pt. 2 plays
once, and so on. So pt. 2 would play every other time.

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Here's an odd little touch to the demo version
of this song; the Lead & the Rythm are always
playing through the verse... but when the 
first bar ends you WILL hear this extra guitar

This hammer effect happens on the last bar 
of the verse too (4th).

Chorus x4
(Note that the ALBUM VERSION of the Chorus
has the Lead Guitar playing octives on the 
last 2 bars of the Chorus.)

Repeat the Verse & Chorus 2 times.

Interlude x2 (Trust me I...) I don't hear any lead here...
|D|-55555555-5555-(4/5\4--0-000)--0000-|I'm pretty sure both guitars
|A|-55555555-5555-(4/5\4--0-000)x20000-|play the same thing.

Cont. (Would build for you...)

There's one more Chorus after all of this...
It's played exactly the same. The only reason
that it sounds different in the recording is 
because the drum beat slows down.

The song ends in a NO vocals verse.

Remember the 3rd guitar part if it matters any-
thing to you. And also the song ends with no ring.

One more thing... the outro Verse is only played
with two bars.

I hope you enjoy this tab.

- Joseph Craig