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C(2)       F(2)
Say    a   word   to   me
C                    F
I    have   got   no-one   but   you
G(2)		  F	      Am
In   a   world,   full   of   people
  G(2)		       G                       C
I feel   alone,   if   you're   not  by   my   side

    C          F               C
And find   a   way   to   me
C		    C    C/F               F
I   can't   stand   si - lence   from   you
G 		        F      Am
I   have   found   so   many   others
 	  G(2)                G			       (F)
But   I   feel   alone   if   you're   not   by   my   side
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F            Am			       G
Let   this   earthquake   shake   me
G   				  F
It  brings  you  nearer  to  me
F		   Am
You   start   to   open   your   eyes
G                                  F  Am  G  G    F  Am  G  G    
And   it's   you   who   will   de-cide

C             F		     F/D  C
Give   your   heart  to  me
C                     F(2)     
I   will   keep   it  here   for  you
G		      F(2)         Am     
Don't   let   other   stare's   distract   you
    G(2)             G
I   feel   relief,   if   you'll   let   me

F          Am
Let   me   be   your   reason
Let   me   be   your   freedom
F	          Am			
   Stare   your   calm,    kind    eyes
G				         F   Am  G  G       
   That   may  be   your   last   good - bye's


F  Am  G  G  x3

Chorus  1  &  2

G                                 F  Am  G  G
It's   you   who   will  de-cide
(tacet)                                C(2)
It's   you   who   will   de -  cide